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Montréal Pinball recommends the following websites for study and pleasure. We will be listing more suggestions along with a short description as we explore them and save you some leg work.

  • North Star - Machines ? Paistres
    Want to relive and/or experience playing pinball in a public establishment ? Well, since January 2016 you can once again enjoy the flow of the silverball in our fair city. This is not your run of the mill pinball bar, in fact it is a place where the resurgence of pinball machines in Montreal has finally taken root with an ambiance that will transport you to another time. An exceptional destination with over a dozen beautifully maintained pinball machines, serving delicious cocktails and craft beers. Montreal Pinball is a proud partner to the North Star which is located at 3908 St.Laurent Blvd. We take great pride in bringing pinball back to the streets of Montreal.
  • Internet Pinball Database
    The ultimate database for pinballs, bingos, and baseball machines. Detailed information and images pertaining to just about any pinball machine you can ever recall bumping into. This site is simply indispensable, enough said.
  • The Pinball Resource
    Here is an extremely well run and efficient parts resource business. Owner & founder Steve Young is a true professional, and extremely knowledgeable. Over the years, he has contributed so much to this hobby and industry that attempting to sum it up here seems odious.
  • Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum
    This is one exciting place to visit, virtually or in person. A true journey through the world of arcade games. Marvin's site is so deep in texts, images and coin-operated oddities that one visit is worth a thousand words.
  • Welcome to the 1930s
    This one will take you a while to explore due to the massive library of images which Terry Cumming has compiled. His willingness to share all this great stuff is commendable to say the least. He is a purist and has saved many a coin-op magazine from the trash heep. The above link spiders out into other pages loaded with images of people, machines and the industrious context which was the mid 20th century.
  • Danny's Bingo Pages
    A rich in text website accompanied by images of those wonderful and wacky in-line bingo machines that were in almost every bar, café and greasy spoon restaurant in Montreal for over two decades.
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