Bally 1940 TRIUPMH TABLE ?

I understand alot of things when it comes to pinball. It is people that surprise me, some are sweet, some are stupid and some have let themselves become so boring with little consequence about them and/or their actions. It`s OK, really it is all OK because what will come forth will come forth, and will likely be dealt with via evolutionary means. I just don`t want to be in the way when the time comes for an adjustment. That is why I try to hang around people who accept their weaknesses and understand randomness, beautiful terrifying randomness. 

Heartburn, damn heartburn. I hope somebody got this pinball table and saved it, save the table from its' fate. I certainly couldn`t bear to use it as what it was proposed to me as.

This nice French lady called me at work asking for monsieur Robert. WTF. Mon-sie-ur, ok, let`s dance baby.

"Oui madame, je peux vous aider ?"

"Ah oui, SVP aider moi."

Shit, this one is for the books.

She sounded spaced out but very nice, and I have a weakness for weaklings. In fact I strongly encourage sweet innocence whenever I detect it, because it is fleeting and not sustainable as such in this graceless age. But then again, fuck the times, beginnings are usually nice at first.

She started off by saying that she had a pinball machine she wanted to fix. OK, that is what I do and she knew it from having talked to a ferocious operator of coin operated equipment in Montreal born from the years of over spilling cash boxes and decadent smokey cabaret locations. The "saucy stuff" of coin operated times in Montreal before Jean Drapeau and Pax Plante put the hammer down in 1957. Even the law didn`t stop the cowboys and the runaway cash filled train they were riding. It took decades to lasso the revenues and their custodians. In fact the frontier town boys fought back "the law" to the max, and coin op inevitably evolved. They (the cowboys) had alot to defend no doubt, but that is another story.

So Madame Rose told me how she wanted to resurrect this 1940`s pinball machine from it`s present state. It had been reduced to the status of a lowly coffee table. Much like the essence of the coin operated "amusement" industry of late. Her request was innocent enough regarding this pre-flipper gambling pinball machine from the most cowboyish manufacturer of the 20th century, - the mighty Bally Manufacturing Corporation.

I was reluctant to take the job. But I kept listening and responding with hope that she would tell me the whole story behind the pin. We discussed finding (or even making) new legs for the machine to replace the stubbies which this pinball cabinet now sported and which was sadly elevated three inches off the carpet in her living room. I then asked her where the head for the body was stashed. She paused for a moment and said that she thinks her husband had put it away somewhere in the basement years ago when he cut the legs off.

"What happened then ?" I asked.

"He had stopped playing it, decided to make a coffee table that lit up out of it and died."

Then I learned that Rose wanted to get it back together, fixed and playing in order to give it to her recently married thirty year old son, - but, as luck would have it, her daughter in law doesn`t want "cette chose" in da house.

After telling me this, Madame Rose admitted in all confidence that she was very disappointed in her son for not standing up to his bride and accepting this beautiful machine which his father played and enjoyed. I told her that times have changed again and pretty soon there will be no continuity if fathers and sons don`t relay what has been loved. Total silence, absolute total fucking silence.

She then asked me if I would buy it from her just to save what she thought was a beautiful piece of furniture. She offered it to me for 50 dollars. I thought about it for a minute and said no. I am out of time and so is this machine. The train will keep rolling even when the engines have been turned off, it just wasn`t my turn to buy this particular ticket in the here and now from Madame Rose.

Here is hoping someone out there will want to bring it back to its majestic allure and move it further away from the ground.


(pictures to follow)