Observations from a Stool - Preface

There is a place these days in the city of Montréal that makes me feel like I am finally home.

So feel free to choose whichever meaning you think is best suited for the word "stool" in the title which sits above. I am OK with all 3 meanings, and will likely touch upon all of them at one point or another during this series of posts. 

But for now :


   Pull up a stool and I will tell you a story about how it all came about.

Sitting on that stool did not come easy, and the investment was substantial on both the physical and emotional levels, but it had to be done. And much like a salmon swimming up river, I have incurred a few scars along the way and have somehow avoided being chewed up by a bear on the way up. So now that I am "up river", this new perspective will likely spawn new ideas from finally having reached this quintessential life goal. I think that the trick at this juncture is to be smart and not turn belly up like a lot of exhausted and spent salmon which seem to be floating and bloating around me lately. 

So every other Sunday night or so, (if the gods permit) I will tell a story from this special place. These entries will  have to do with a mix of things, like the team of Maintenance Maniacs who work up and down the Main with me every weekend, and of course all the people we meet at the North Star who have passion and hope in their eyes when they allow themselves to become playful once again. Oh yeah, we should also include recounts and replays about the many pinball machines from the past century that tend to appear in our entourage.

The Crow.jpg
Some of the Maintenance Maniacs on the Main  
photo by James Schidlowsky

I hope you will be inspired to make the important things in your life happen before it becomes too late. Don`t neglect to always lace them with love, hard work, art and humour.


The best Stool is behind this old speakeasy bar.
A philosophy of doing shall rule until the days when I can no longer "do" arrive. Because when I am too old to adjust an AX relay or exercise good care in relieving a woman from sighing, there will be only memories to fill my time. Hence the task at hand in the right here and now is to build a hefty RRSP of memories, come hell or calm tides.
Observation date 2016-04-24