Chapter 2 -The Old Man and the Corporation


The other thing that the excited man brought into this workspace apart from that odd black & orange machine called a "shop vac"  were large pieces of paper bound together at one edge showing the twelve months of the Christian calendar. Each page represented one month of time and had an empty square for each day. It was quite large and could easily be affixed to a wall. And so, he did just that. Then he wrote something in one of the squares and walked away. So I approached the calendar and found that the squares were not large enough to write all that had to be done in one day - and the days were long at the Crane company, maybe he didn`t know this yet.

It was an object I found useful, because it would help me to understand this man`s purpose in the here & now. I would often look at the calendar in order to be aware of what was about to happen around my old workstation, and many things would take place here. Maybe if I understood his plans & goals, then maybe I could provide him with some form of subtle assistance or guidance somehow. It seems to me that out of all the people I saw so far in this place after waking from that big sleep, he was the man who was making all the decisions in regards to this space we now shared, so it was key for me to understand what he was going to make happen next. I saw him as a sort of magician, an odd wizard of sorts because there were so many things I did not know about this era. However, I did know something about what was timeless for a man - the planning & accomplishments of persoanl goals. It was very possible that we both understood this without doubt no matter how different our eras appeared to be.

So on that day in early May 2011, he seemed somewhat anxious and disoriented to some degree. I watched him carefully as he sat at a table near the window making more notes, on a pad this time. He raised his head from his writing occasionally to look around this space while I sat in a comfortable chair that had been left behind by the younger men who emptied this space of oddities a while back.


The planner that was stuck on the wall said that we were at the beginning of the month of May 2011, yet I did not feel as old as that would make me. In fact I felt more and more mobile and free of pain as the days and nights went by. But I think that I finally understood that everyone I had known in my past was probably gone by now, - but I did not feel that this was sad somehow. I felt strangely at peace with these losses, even if I missed many of my close ones greatly. And if this was truly the 21st century, a time I do not know, I needed to base myself on something in order to understand this present. Thankfully, the planner on the wall provided me with a small anchor. This space had been mine for a long time, so I knew it well, and that was a strong defining factor for me regardless of the physical changes it had gone through. And contrary to the excited man who did not know this place as well as I did, there was also the factor of time which came into play in order to make all this work. This space was new to him, and his time was new to me, that was clear. We needed to bring time and space together to complete our being in the here and now. We needed to connect our eras in order to continue to build a solid and vital future.

I know that I was born in 1910 in a place where the common people suffered great hardships until there was a change. The very wealthy & controlling people of our country had become so bloated by the obscene richness they appropriated from others that it lead to such excesses and miserable ease that they became disabused from life itself. The wealthy had become disconnected from what needed to happen in order to build a prosperous nation for all that worked and lived for it. There was no choice anymore, the rich had to be removed and ripped away from the power they yielded. They could no longer understand the common people of our country because of how blinded they had become. And yet, they were in a position to make all the decisions for those they could no longer empathize with. The people of the land suffered, and were now losing the sense of hope in ever being able to decide their own fate and destiny. It did not make sense that this lack of humanity excercised through oppression towards the workers and peasants could be imposed in the name of the over abundant riches of so few and next to nothing for most. It was time for an adjustment. So the change began to prepare itself to occur during my father`s lifetime.

Regardless of the past, things were beginning to change in the here and now as well, as they should.

But again, according to the calendar on the wall, it was May 4th, 2011 and the excited man was planning something because he was marking more things on the wall planner. As he moved away and occasionally looked through a silver device he carried on him, I approached the calendar to read the following, “move shops into empty space”. It was written in the box for May 8th. In 1945 this was the day combat ended in Europe, this is all that came to mind when I saw May 8th. That date meant something very different to me since I remembered this day as having great meaning some 55 years ago. It looked like the excited man was also battling something, but inside himself, especially as he talked into a small black device he held to his ear while moving about and sometimes raising his voice when he spoke into it. Things were going to unfold as they should, but on this day of change, he didn`t seem to trust that idea just yet.