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A Pinball Repair & Resource Website

This site is dedicated to exploring the history of the game of pinball and how it has embedded itself into the fabric of Montreal over the past century. We believe that by preserving the functionality, appearance and factory specifications of various vintage amusement machines, we are consequently helping to provide a powerful perspective into the past of the coin operated games industry and our city.

We also know that the relationship between people and amusement machines can be enhanced through the telling of stories, publishing images and of course, playing pinball. Any of these shared experiences inevitably provides a more complete understanding of the connection mentioned above. Finally, this bond is made concrete by that "hands on" tactile experience which emerges when actually playing an older pinball machine.

First and foremost, the games people played decades ago need to be preserved as designed and manufactured in order to allow the playing experience to be as true to its' original context, at least on a technical and aesthetic level. Secondly, the actual working machines need to be made accessible to as many people as possible so as to open a sort of gateway in and through today's players and into how those from the past experienced their lives through a game designed within the context of their time.

We help contribute to this idea by promoting the best & most affordable repair services to all those who own part of this story. Because nowadays, Montrealers and the game of pinball are continuing their relationship in a new environment. Pinball machines have practically disappeared from street locations and have moved right into people's homes where the stories are now openly being told. One of our quintessential goals is to recount these stories, and to eventually bring these vintage machines back to the streets of Montreal in a new and appropriate setting where they will see play action once again.

This site will be maintained and updated regularly as we explore the history of the aforementioned relationship, and as we continue to source the stories from game rooms all over the greater Montreal area. We will begin to share them through a detailed repair blog with a historical bent. As well, we will also publish the memories, anecdotes and experiences of our clients & visitors who willingly contribute to Montréal Pinball.

The History Behind the Service

Since 1990 Alexander Amusements has serviced innumerable pinball machines in the greater Montreal area, and has helped bring the arcade experience home to hundreds of families. A vanguard company at a time when pinballs and various other coin operated games were spread across the city in arcades and street locations, many commercial amusement machine operators rightfully shun the home market. This market which Alexander Amusements recognized years ago has proved to be an important source of revenue for their warehouses of outdated equipment. The home market has continued to evolve since the virtual disappearance of pinball machines and video games from public locations. The basement game room has become the logical substitute for the street arcade, on a smaller scale.

We believe that the repair and maintenance of these commercially retired machines is now more than ever a vital task in keeping pinball alive in Montreal. Alexander Amusements' founder Robert A. Baraké still services pinball machines for Montrealers and beyond while enjoying the experience of meeting such a wide variety of people who have been marked by these amusement devices in one way or another. And by listening to each person's experience behind each machine, he is able to share a part of Montreal's history through our Blog and Stories sections.

Robert Baraké's experience in the coin-operated amusement machine industry spans over 25 years. During his career he has contributed many a technical article to Canadian CoinBox, Canadian Vending as well as Playmeter magazine in the U.S. As well as having worked at the distributor level for Laniel Automatic Machines in Montreal and Toronto, Robert has logged thousands of hours as a road technician for several Montreal based operators. His passion for Montreal pinball history/culture and philosophy has helped to provide a hearty mix of knowledge & information to this website.

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